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Here's the breakdown of the 6 Week Course Academy...

Week 1:
In-Depth Introduction To Modeling

Types of Modeling, the Booking Process, Modeling Markets, Identifying SCAMS, and the Power of Research!

Week 2: Building Your Portfolio & Camera Work Confidence

How to Build Your Portfolio, Test Shoots, Mood Board Creation, Comp Cards, Mirror Work, and Camera Confidence!

Week 3: Social Media & Managing Your Brand

Online Real Estate, Social Media Secrets, Building Your Website, and How to Manage Your Brand as a Model!

Week 4:
Understanding The Money in Modeling 

Modeling Contracts, Commissions, Fees, Payouts, Residuals, Usage Rights and How to Avoid Getting Burned!

Week 5: Proper Agency Approach & Getting Representation

How to Reach Out to Agencies with a Proven Professional Approach, Preparation, Execution, Digitally Submissions, and Actually Getting an Agent!

Week 6: How To Market Yourself To Clients & Book Professional Jobs!

How to Market Yourself to Clients, Casting Tips, Techniques, Booking Secrets, and Making a Career out of Modeling!
Here's a quick video preview of MTA's Ultimate Modeling Academy:
Created by professional, agency-signed working models!
If you follow the lessons and DO your MODELWORK, 
by the end of the 6 Week Course Academy you will have:
  • Learned over 50+ Years of Modeling Industry Insights
  • Researched and Evaluated 10 Agencies 
  • Created a MoodBoard
  • Booked and Completed a Test Shoot
  • Built Your Portfolio
  • Created a Website
  • Bought Your Own Domain and Email Address
  • Optimized Your Social Media Accounts
  •  Familiarized Yourself with Modeling Contracts
  •  Knowledge of Modeling Rates, Commissions, Fees
  •  Properly reached out to Professional Agencies
  •  Attended Open Calls
  •  Gained Professional Agency Representation*
  •  Learned Tips and Techniques to Casting
  •  Booked PAID Work!* 
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